Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crazy times..

I'm finally back on here!  A few weeks ago I had to get a wisdom tooth pulled and it did NOT go well, or as planned.  I was on painkillers and antibiotics for 2 weeks, and it was not a good time.  But I'm feeling better now, and getting back into the swing of things!  I've been working on a couple new things that I'll post this week.  

Here are a couple things that happened in May:

We watched the shuttle take off:
 and we check the Nasa site every day to see what they've done that day.  We watch the launch every day and it never gets old!  

We caught a rainbow:
My youngest says she sees all kinds of things I never seem to see.  But this time I'm glad I looked!

I got creative with Sugar's nails:
...and now she always wants fancy nails :-)  First ladybugs, now she has bumblebees!

Spice has drawn the letter A...
...on every surface in this house!  She draws on my grocery list, post its, mail,....  She also tries to keep up with big sister and can read some -at family words!

My oldest daughter committed a crime against fashion:
I don't think there is any more I can say :-)

I also went to a homeschool convention where I learned so much and got to spend some time with my husband, which was nice :-)  I'm looking forward to getting back to normal now...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cake pops!

So, I'm a big fan of Bakerella and her cake pops!  I try to follow her blog as much as I can, and I borrowed her book from the library a couple months ago.  My 3 year old, "Spice", LOVES the book!  We looked at every page over and over for the entire three weeks we had it.  She'd describe each cake pop and piece of candy she saw.  Here she is (face blurred) in her favorite Thomas pj's with her bedtime story :-)

For Valentine's Day the kids begged me to make some, which I did.  They don't look like Bakerella's, but the girls like them!  Hubby just wanted to eat the whole bowl of cake & frosting with a spoon.  Here are the Valentine's Day ones, I kept them simple for my first attempt..

I decided to get braver and try some that were a little more exciting.  We chose the frogs, since they looked simple enough.  They were harder than they looked, although I think I tend to dip the pops when the chocolate is too hot.  The girls were so excited about how they came out so I decided not to analyze each one for perfection :-)  I remember taking a picture of the pops but for some reason I was only able to find a cell phone pic..

A few of the pops turned out really bad, so I left them on the counter without faces drawn on.  One day I walked into the kitchen and discovered that my 6 year old had helped me out by drawing a mouth on one of them!

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Bakerella's blog at

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where is the Blue Jay?

Here is the latest positional words book!

It is available in b/w as well.  Click HERE to download this book or any of my other positional books!