Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Days of December!

I've been working hard on a project for December, and am finally nearing the end.  Last minute, of course, but I started so long ago :-)  I made a project similar to an advent calendar.  Each day has a mini booklet (just one paper, folded in half) and a craft or activity to go with it.  I kept it really simple.  Each booklet has a short explanation of the theme for the day or a poem, and I found a craft to go with each one.  I will be playing music and reading books along with the craft.   The week that I have planned for Christmas around the world gets a little more busy, with passports and boarding passes!

Here is the calendar with the theme for each day..

Here's what the first booklet looks like, for the Nativity Story..
I am going to hang our booklets on a posterboard on the wall, or on a door.  Or I might make it into a lapbook...haven't decided yet.

Here are the project packs--booklets and the pictures that go on the cover of each booklet.  I made them in black & white and color.  Click HERE for the project packs

Here is the information for week one, the rest will come soon!

It says to use TP rolls, but I might just tape them
in the back and let them stand on their own.

Reindeer Gift Bag

or this

In the next few days I will post everything for next week.  Mon-Fri of next week are "Christmas Symbols"

I'm later than I wanted to be  but I hope someone can use this!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm back!

After a busy few months, I have returned to my blog.  A lot has happened since the last time I posted....

My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease.  She has changed her diet and has lost over 40 pounds!  All tests that she's had since she was told about it has stayed the same, so that's good.

Spice is helping "Memay" (Memere) make apple crisp

We started another year of homeschooling.  Sugar is in first grade, but usually lets people know she is doing second grade work as well.  Although when we go out during the day and people ask her grade or why she's not in school, she just says "I don't go to school".  And that's it!  After the looks we get from the people asking, I explain that we homeschool, and she's not really an uneducated delinquent, lol.  

Sugar, busy at work

I am also homeschooling Spice and another little girl the same age (literally, 2 days apart!).  Both 3.5 years old.   And I take care of a 4th kiddo, 17 months. 

All girls!  

Hubby and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

My best friend, always :-)

Did all kinds of Halloween things!  Sugar was going to be a princess, 

but we were planning on going to a Halloween event at our favorite craft store, and there was going to be a crafty costume contest.  Soooo, I spent the morning of the contest coming up with this..

We won first place in the contest!!

Spice decided to wear last year's costume to the craft store.

Then the crazy snowstorm happened.

I was so disgusted with Mother Nature.

Then we lost power...
For 2 days and nights...
and Halloween was postponed..
We had no heat or hot water either. It got so cold in this place that this happened...

We have a tea set that looks like this:
until you add cold water, and the cups turn dark pink.  

During the time that we had no power, we hadn't played with it.  But the air in our place was so cold after 2 days with no heat that they looked like this:

It was THAT cold!

After the power was restored we sang and danced and said we would never take electricity for granted again! (til next week, lol)  We finally got to go trick-or-treating last night, and this is what the girls wore..

Popcorn & Madeline.  Spice even referred to me as "Miss Clavel"  :-)

Now I am relieved that Halloween is over, and grieving the fact that we never really had an autumn, which is my favorite season.  Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Thank you to anyone still reading after all this time away!