Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Days of December!

I've been working hard on a project for December, and am finally nearing the end.  Last minute, of course, but I started so long ago :-)  I made a project similar to an advent calendar.  Each day has a mini booklet (just one paper, folded in half) and a craft or activity to go with it.  I kept it really simple.  Each booklet has a short explanation of the theme for the day or a poem, and I found a craft to go with each one.  I will be playing music and reading books along with the craft.   The week that I have planned for Christmas around the world gets a little more busy, with passports and boarding passes!

Here is the calendar with the theme for each day..

Here's what the first booklet looks like, for the Nativity Story..
I am going to hang our booklets on a posterboard on the wall, or on a door.  Or I might make it into a lapbook...haven't decided yet.

Here are the project packs--booklets and the pictures that go on the cover of each booklet.  I made them in black & white and color.  Click HERE for the project packs

Here is the information for week one, the rest will come soon!

It says to use TP rolls, but I might just tape them
in the back and let them stand on their own.

Reindeer Gift Bag

or this

In the next few days I will post everything for next week.  Mon-Fri of next week are "Christmas Symbols"

I'm later than I wanted to be  but I hope someone can use this!


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