Monday, December 19, 2011

Bump in the road..

So my youngest is getting over a long bout of pneumonia, and now my husband has it!  I am chewing Airborne like candy and hoping Sugar doesn't get anything more than the cold she has.  So here is a shortened version of what we may or may not do this week...

Monday=Angels=  paper plate angel
Tuesday=Hanukkah= play menorah (we did it a few years ago--cute!!)
Wednesday=Act of Kindness= we will drop a donation off at a local charity
Thursday=Hot Cocoa= hot cocoa spoons
Friday=Legend of the Candycane= Lots of Ideas here, haven't chosen yet
Saturday=Christmas Eve, Santa= we are going to write a note for Santa, and leave it with his cookies

Here are last year's Hanukkah printables click HERE

Christmas printables and games here


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