Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  I am looking forward to sharing learning games, file folder games, and printables that I've created.  I have been asked several times if I had a blog that offered my games, so I decided I'd start the new year with one! I will also have other educational ideas, crafts, etc.
I am a homeschool mom to my 2 daughters.  The name "Sugar & Spice" comes from them.  Although they can both be feisty and sweet, my oldest (6) tends to be the Sugar & my youngest (almost 3) tends to be the Spice.  I love teaching them, and learning with them.  I enjoy making games and activities for any specific skill they are working on, or just for fun depending on their interests.  I will share these here, as well as any other games I make, often with a seasonal/holiday theme.
I have a couple games I made for New Years, and will share them very soon!



Mari said...

Ooo, another blog, yay!. new follower here, well we are in a yahoo group, its how I found your blog lol. have a Happy and Fun New Year.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I am so glad you got your blog up and going. I LOVE all of your creations so I am sure your blog will be a very popular one! Best Wishes as you join the blogging world.

Eddie said...

Hi Nicole!I followed your link from Mari's posting on our yahoo group and I'm enjoying it very much - very cute things you've created! Will post the link on my blog too.

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