Monday, June 27, 2011

Homemade salsa

Easy and yummy!  Sometimes Sugar and Spice even have it for lunch, with a cheese stick on the side.  I get asked for the recipe a lot, so I figured I'd share.  I make salsa from canned whole tomatoes in the winter, and fresh roma tomatoes in the summer.  I always use red onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and cider vinegar.  Sometimes I add a tiny bit of grated garlic....

I start by cutting the tomatoes and taking all the insides out, then I leave them to drain a little bit so they won't be too wet.

I cut them into thin strips, and then into tiny cubes

Then I prepare the other ingredients...
I use a chopper for the red onion and jalapeno

pick the cilantro leaves off the stems and roughly chop them

Then I grate the garlic

and I add a little bit of cider vinegar, and mix it all up. Done!!

The taste improves over time, and sometimes I add more jalapeno for my husband's batch.  Next I'm going to try spraying a little lime juice on the tortilla chips before eating them with salsa :-)


Erin Bradley said...

That looks delicious!

chris said...

How many tomatoes, how much onion, how much cilantro? This looks great but I'm not good at figuring out amounts on my own. Would love if you would share the amounts! :) Chris

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