Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our trip to the Planetarium

We went to the planetarium a couple weeks ago and had such a good time!  We call ourselves "space geeks" because we get so excited learning new things about space, especially the shuttle program.  

Spice's latest obsession is space shuttles.  Both girls have watched the last 2 shuttles launch so many times they can repeat everything the NASA guy says during lift-off, lol.   Spice likes to tell people all the parts of the shuttle, and until recently she was calling the Solid Rocket Boosters "solid roosters"  :-)

There weren't many people there so we spent a lot of time talking to a man (who worked there) that was a candidate for the Teachers in Space Program awhile back.  He was at the launch of the Challenger that final time, and we talked about that for quite a while.  I remember being about Sugar's age when I watched it on tv.  We learned so much from this man, it was wonderful.  He even showed us a couple things usually reserved for class field trips.  We got to see and learn about the tiles that are on the underside of the shuttle, and the foam that covers the external fuel tank.

The girls had Daddy's help to land the shuttle!  He did so well....I crashed it twice but he landed it perfectly twice--with Sugar and Spice "helping"!!

We got to see a MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) that had been used in a couple spacewalks.

And of course the kids were excited to see a space potty!

We took a break to watch and listen. 
They just chilled in a tire from the landing gear of a shuttle that really went to space!

We tried some astronaut ice cream on the way home

and Spice fell asleep clutching her space shuttle toy...

Now almost every day Spice asks to go back to the "Planet Tarien"  :-)


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