Friday, December 9, 2011

Days of December, 11-17

For the 12th-16th, we are "visiting" France, England, Sweden, Germany, and Mexico.  I also included Israel in the passport because of Hanukkah next week.  Get the boarding pass and passports HERE.  The boarding passes are for Canada and the US.  I can make some for other countries as well.  

So everyday we will find the country on the map...

flags are cut out and assembled with toothpicks, then taped to the map.

Then we grab our passports!

The cover folds over the cut out pages to make a book.  There are 4 stamps for every country--one for the traditional holiday meal, gift giving tradition, holiday traditions, and one for the holiday greeting of that country.

After reading the info on the stamps, we'll place them in our passport.

Next we need our boarding passes..

Then we'll be off to each country, doing a craft and snack, and reading from an Around the World Christmas book.

Here are the crafts and snacks for each country..


Away in a Manger: The Manger

For snack, we are doing this Yule Log snack:


For snack, we are making a trifle, using THIS RECIPE as a guide.


We will be making these St. Lucia day crowns,
Stephanie Santa Lucia 03
(hats for boys, too)

and having rice pudding (store-bought) with jam for snack.


We will be doing a scissor craft

Sand Paper Gingerbread Ornament Craft

And for snack, we will be doing our gingerbread house OR making gingerbread cookies.  I also thought about decorating gingersnaps with frosting.


We will be making luminaries

and having "munchkins" (donut holes).

And for the last day of next week..

Have a great week!!


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