Monday, January 31, 2011

Update and V-Day book

Another bump in the road.  I had a root canal on an infected tooth on 1-26, and am still taking 2 different painkillers around the clock.  I am in a lot of pain, sleeping on the couch because I can't lay flat, and am just so tired.  Today my dentist wasn't in but they were concerned enough to call him and he was concerned enough to start some phone tag.  So to make a long story short, tomorrow I start a second round of antibiotics, and hopefully this one will work.  I follow up on Wednesday.   *fingers crossed*

3 years ago today I was in labor---I think THAT was more fun that this infection, and she weighed 9 lbs, 12 oz!!  :-)  My baby turns 3 tomorrow!!!  Good thing I had not planned anything big, or I'd be in trouble, lol.  But she's not a big party kind of girl, so I'm in luck!  She loves "Tory Tory 2" so I did splurge on some Toy Story party supplies and am making some Jessie cowgirl hat cookies.

So of course I've been in a fog for a couple weeks and am so disappointed that I haven't had time or energy to create all kinds of things I had in mind for Valentine's Day :-(   But here is something I had started ahead of time!

Click HERE for my latest positional words book, Where is the Lovebug?


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colored Snow

Ever since my 6 year old, "Sugar" caught a glimpse of Shelley's video for colored snow on, she's begged me to try it with her.  I had to run to the Dollar store, so we looked for spray bottles and didn't find any.  So we got two 2-packs of body spray perfume stuff!  We emptied them out, removed the labels and filled them up with water and food coloring.  See Shelley's video for the activity HERE.  

We had a lot of fun but it was only 8˚ outside so we kept it short.  She did have a tough time pressing the sprayer down after awhile so we're going to keep an eye out for regular spray bottles.  We're going to try the ice cube painting next!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Groundhog Day

"Sugar" is very excited for Groundhog Day, so I made her a boardgame to reinforce the sounds of sh, ch, wh, and th.  I tried to keep it simple and the final version you can download is a little different than Sugar's game.  I used the last of my printer ink on hers only to realize changes needed to be made!  But she likes it and it's helped a lot!

The game is able to be made into a file folder game, and only needs what is included in the file.

Here is what it looks like once it's put together...

I also included blank skill cards in jpeg format so you can make the game for any skill.  
Everything can be downloaded HERE.


Winter Puzzles!

We are getting so much snow dumped on us here in NH this week and temps may get as low as
-10 this weekend,  so I thought I'd post these winter kiddos!  I made these a few days ago and finally got them secured and uploaded..

There is one set for upper/lower letter matching and one for number words.  Click HERE to download.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter font sort

I made small grids that show one letter on each.  There is a space to add 3 more letter tiles for the matching letter, in different fonts.

Click HERE to download


Digraph Mitten Match

This is for the sounds of "wh", "ch", "sh", and "th".  For the activity, the child can use a clothespin to attach the matching mittens---the digraph mitten with the picture mitten that makes the same sound.

Click HERE to download


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm back!

After 9 days on pain meds and muscle relaxers, I am feeling better.  A friend of mine did some Reiki therapy on my neck and shoulder and I got 2 good nights of sleep!  So I have been able to finish up some activities that I've been working on.  Here is the Where is the Owl? book that was requested.
Click HERE to download


Friday, January 7, 2011

Penguin front/back book

Well, I am slowing down a bit for the next week or so :-(  I hurt my neck/shoulder/back muscles, of course on my right side.  Doctor thinks it's muscle spasms.  I can't use my arm for very long, (or do much else) without pain.  But I did manage to make a simple positional front/back book for winter!

This is a positional words book, but only for "front" and "back".  In the first version, you can glue flaps onto every page, and the child can place the penguin in back or front of the object (depending on what the sentence says).  In the second version, the pages that say "front" don't have flaps, that way the child can only put the penguin in front of those objects.

Click HERE to download either version


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where is the Snowman?

Here is my latest interactive positional words book!


Get it here.  Hope you like it!  And if there are any specific positional books you'd like me to make, let me know.  


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another New Years Game

Here is the second game, it's counting cards to use with clothespins.

To make them self-correcting, just draw a star or dot on the back of the card where the answer is.  Get it here.



New Years Game

Here is one of my latest games for New Years!

It's sorting uppercase and lowercase letters.  You can make it into a file folder game, just glue each sheet onto each side of the folder.  Get it here!



Welcome to my blog!  I am looking forward to sharing learning games, file folder games, and printables that I've created.  I have been asked several times if I had a blog that offered my games, so I decided I'd start the new year with one! I will also have other educational ideas, crafts, etc.
I am a homeschool mom to my 2 daughters.  The name "Sugar & Spice" comes from them.  Although they can both be feisty and sweet, my oldest (6) tends to be the Sugar & my youngest (almost 3) tends to be the Spice.  I love teaching them, and learning with them.  I enjoy making games and activities for any specific skill they are working on, or just for fun depending on their interests.  I will share these here, as well as any other games I make, often with a seasonal/holiday theme.
I have a couple games I made for New Years, and will share them very soon!