Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is what "Spice" (my three year old) calls the space shuttle "Discovery"  :-)  We have been closely following Nasa for the past couple weeks.  We watched as they prepared the Discovery shuttle for the recent mission, and watched the launch live.  We've explored the Nasa sight and learned so much!  Every day Discovery was in space  posted a video recap of the mission that took place the day before.  Spice insisted on watching the launch 2 or 3 times a day, and I held my breath in anticipation every time even though I knew how it turned out!

The Discovery shuttle has an amazing history and after watching it land safely on earth for the last time, we decided to make it a goal that we see Discovery up close in the next couple years when it will be at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  
Also, Nasa's Twitter page is great!  It gives up to the minute information and lot of great links. 

Here are some cool things we found:

Fly Your Face in Space!

Our faces will be in space! I used pictures of my kids with their names but they thought it was funny that I put a picture of Buzz for me instead.  Of course, I didn't realize that there was not a step to confirm, lol.  So my name is going to space with a picture of Buzz!  Here is the link to get your face in space for the next launch in April.

Buzz Lightyear went to space for 15 months!

Ok, my kids think he's still on the International Space Station because when they play the "To Infinity & Beyond" Buzz game from Nasa and complete the missions, you see video footage of him floating through the Space Station.  One of the missions allows you to see how different toys work in space--so cool!  This and many more games and activities that I haven't even checked out yet are here:

See how astronauts eat, sleep, and play!

Tons of good info on Nasa's website!  This link will link you to lots of cool interactive pages, including the interactive food tray pictured above:
More inforamation on food, sleep, and play can be found here:
The educator and students areas of has so many interesting pictures, information, and games.  We find something new every day.  

We are so sad that the Space Shuttle program is ending, but are excited to see the next launch of Endeavor on April 19th!



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