Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been working on some St. Patricks Day activities for a few weeks now, but my computer started to crash.  So I spent days backing up to avoid what happened during my last crash (lost everything).  It was a success, and my new computer is up and running.  Now I need to get adjusted to some new programs, but at least I was able to use a junky laptop to finish these things on my old programs :-)

So here they are:

First up is a sight word review activity.   We use Hooked on Phonics for our reading program, so these are from their list of "helper words".  For every word that is read correctly, a coin is added to the pot.  One sheet will be needed for each player.

To download this activity, click HERE

Next up is some stationary, one with lines a little wider than the other.

To download these, click HERE

Hope you enjoy these, I will post more in a couple hours!




Sarah Stoll said...

Love, Love, Love the game!! will be using it next week :)

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