Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last of new St. Pat's Day activities!

Here are the last 2 things I made.  The skill for the first game is money!  Counting change.  I kept it pretty simple, but flexible in the way you can use it :-)   I made it in black & white, and in color.  I also made some blank so you can add your own change amounts.  You could also use real (or pretend) money instead of the pictures of coins I included.

To get all the variations, click HERE

And the last game is an addition game that can be made into a file folder game.  The addition equations are on the gold coins, and they slide into the pots that are marked with the answers.  I also made a version that has the pots on black & white (coins are still in color).

To get it, click HERE

Happy Learning!


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